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RUMI owes its success to Donnino Rumi, an artist before being an entrepreneur. His was the idea of producing lightbikes in 1948 and his were the drawings of all the motorcycles to which he dedicated the passion of the painter and the sculptor he really was.

The engine, the legendary two-cylinder 2-stroke horizontal engine of 125 cm3, is an invention by Pietro Dossena, RUMI’s first designer. The engine will be the basis of all the production of RUMI twin cylinders from 1949 to 1962



Starting from the Turismo up to the Gentleman, many have been the models that have conquered for their shapes and the unmistakable “sound” of their engine.

The shapes designed by Donnino Rumi and modeled by him by hand with clay become one of the peculiar characteristics of RUMI.


Many are the pilots to whom RUMI owes its successes.

Thanks to all of them for bringing RUMI to the top positions and giving RUMI ever greater prestige.

In the following pages you will find the contributions we have been able to reconstruct to give everyone the right credit.

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We know that around the world there are RUMI Club and Moto Rumi in museums or collections. The intent of these pages is to collect and share these information

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